Add an Instagram Feed to Your Foliodrop Website

There's no built-in option to share a feed of pictures from Instagram with either Instagram or foliodrop. But there's still an easy way to do it by using our our Embed Code element with a choice of one of several third-party tools. 

A Google Search for "embed an instagram feed" brings up numerous choices of varying cost and quality. Our favorite of these (at least for the moment) is It's free to use, though there's also a paid version, and simple to add to a foliodrop site. You're welcome to use any of the others; they should all work in much the same way as SnapWidget. 

Start by going to

Press the Get Your Free Widget button and fill out the form


You can create a feed using your Instagram username or any Instagram #hashtag. But we assume you likely want to use your own username. 


Then you should choose how your widget will look. Let's go with Grid, using a thumbnail size of 100px per image, and a layout of 3 x 3. You, of course, should test out different selections until you find the one you want to use.


Let's put a border around each thumbnail, leave the background color as transparent (blank), and put 8px of space between each thumbnail. 


And let's finish by turning off Hover Effects, saying no to Sharing Buttons. You can also make the widget Responsive so it adjusts in size based on how your site is being viewed (on a computer, tablet, phone, etc).


All done! Now we just need to click on Get Widget. This opens up a dialog box displaying code that we'll need to copy.

Now let's go to foliodrop and drag the Embed Code element onto a page. Create a text html page. Click on html icon and paste the previously copied code - save. Done;)! 

Preview your Instagram feed on your website.

Some other popular widgets:

 Here is also an interesting summery of the best instagram widgets.