New privacy regulations will take effect on 25th May. We want to you to stay protected. We advise every foliodrop user to create separate text pages for the DSGVO conform imprint and privacy policies to avoid fines.  To stay on the safe side, you can use the free e-recht24 imprint generator and the free privacy policies generator. However, we also advise you to consult a professional law firm as we don't assume liability for your contents or your privacy policy and imprint.

We strongly recommend disabling the social sharing option until we found a DSGVO conform solution.

If you are PRO user, you should add the Motomo (Piwik) opt-out option in your privacy terms - watch this video.

Opt-out code: <iframe frameborder="no" width="600px" height="200px" src=";action=optOut&amp;language=en"></iframe>

MOTOMO (Formerly Piwik) Opt Out integration from foliodrop on Vimeo.